I remember my first trip on an airplane. It was after Tropical Storm Agnes, in 1972, and the only two details I remember are:

  1. Surveying the damage wrought on the suburban forests of Baltimore-Washington, and
  2. My father made me wear a coat & tie to board.

The flight was short, and (here’s where my memory fades a bit) I think it was a special flight Eastern Airlines had to show proto-gawkers … well, the damage wrought on the suburban forests of Baltimore-Washington. In other words, we took off from BWI, and landed at BWI an hour & a half or so later.

Times have certainly changed … the tweens in my neighborhood are likely to be more seasoned travelers than I am – and I was in the Navy! And they’re likely to wear their pajamas on the plane.

It's not what you think...

It’s not what you think…

My travel these days is more aspirational than actual. But having launched a mobile startup that’s pretty firmly in the Travel Media space, and being that my aspirational departures are pretty darned frequent, there is a Travel page on my blog. There will be posts.

I’ve always thought of my own personal travels in three buckets[1. Database People: I know the list isn’t MECE. :)]:

  • places I’ve been to
  • places I’d really like to go to
  • places I’d really like to go back to

In 2015, when those tweens in my neighborhood have already completed several summers of volunteer work in Guatemala, and possibly scaled Vinson Massif during Thanksgiving break, there’s a lot to write about!

This blog focuses largely on the overlap of travel with technology & media, but I’m sure I’ll find time to address my aspirational, virtual, and (I hope) actual travels as well. Because who doesn’t have the “travel bug” these days?

Oh, the map. It is the population distribution of homo sapiens sapiens.


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