Music Revenue Analysis Just Got Better

Soundings is royalty reporting and performance analysis for the $6 billion Indie Music industry. We provide accurate, timely artist and label statements — and leading-edge analytics and visualizations. Because when it comes to the mountains of data being generated from streams and downloads, there’s gold in them thar hills — and we want to help mine it.

Automatic Raw Data Download

How much time do you or your staff spend downloading raw reports, only to upload them into your royalty system? 

Soundings automates the process — you never have to deal with raw data again.

Cloud-based Storage & Backup

Are you still trying to keep up with all your distribution data with spreadsheets? 

Or is your data hidden behind a service provider’s thick, opaque walls? 

Soundings stores all Artist revenue data in a state-of-the-art cloud-based database. You have access to all of it, any time. And searching through historical records to find that one answer you need is easy, because it’s all magical and cloud-empowered.

Leading Edge Analysis & Tools

We built the Soundings platform from the ground up in 2018.

We used to most advanced Data Science tools. 

And we’re putting those tools in your hands, in ways you already know how to use. Like an iPhone® for your job.

Customized Statement Delivery

You choose your method of delivery. You choose your “transparency”. 

If you want to deliver a PDF statement by snail mail, and provide only opening & closing balances to your clients — great. We’ll have to kill you*, but after we get it done. 

If you want a dashboard delivery of all available data with curated analytics built-in, that’s great too. Soundings goes that deep.

* Disclaimer, because you never know: we are not actually threatening anyone. it’s a joke.